Good Design Award/Chicago for

Making the world more beautiful and better – our industrial design achieves both. If something has passed the strict visual inspection and sharp calculations of our product designers, it doesn’t just look perfect afterwards, it’s function is also first-class. In the case of the bow-type handles for COLOR EXPERT, we optimised the shape and the material components in terms of the tactile appeal and ergonomics. The handles now even more accurately reflect the complexity of human hands. And this means that they rest in the user’s hand in an even better way. And in every hand, too – large or small, thick or thin, left or right.

Product design by – for a better tool landscape

The new architecture of the handles makes work easier and paint application more uniform. Our industrial design has thus optimised the painting experience and the painting results in equal measure.

And the GOOD-DESIGN® jury agrees: the internationally renowned award from the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design and the European Centre for Architecture, Art Design and Urban Studies has existed since 1950. In 2020, it went to in the Tools category. For a product design that makes the tool landscape a little bit better.