Digital Design

stotz-design.com means innovative digital design.

We are living in the digital age. Our economy thrives online. Digital design – like any other design discipline – obeys the rules of design: structure, the form idiom and colour schemes must follow the functions of digital applications, and not the other way around. Images, texts, animations, clips, dialogue offerings must be thought through and composed to suit the target group.

We develop a smart information architecture for your digital content. So that people always know where they are and find what they are looking for. We use (audio-)visual elements to design your website, your app and other interfaces to become a guide for users. And to enjoy – in terms of content and aesthetics.

As a full-service agency we know our customers. And you know us. Digital design is always embedded in our overall marketing strategy. It is consistently geared to your company’s goals – and precisely tailored to your target groups.

Attracting attention in the digital universe requires strong, search engine optimised content and outstanding design. A site that doesn't enthral the user at first glance is just as lost as space junk.

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Advanced Interface Design

User interfaces that are a pleasure.

Outstanding design for the human machine interface: we create websites and apps for you that meet the highest standards – in terms of design and usability. For your target group always having a smart guide on your website, in your app or on screen.

Intuitive user interfaces, optimal orientation, convenience in the human-machine dialogue – a design that guides users smoothly and appeals with outstanding aesthetics.


Targeted Digital Campaigning

Campaigns that make an impact.

No matter how your prospective customers are online – we address them with a tailor-made online strategy – on all digital channels. From search engines through mailings to social media. B2B and B2C. We offer them the content that is relevant to them. In this way we tie in your existing customers and at the same time ensure ‚digital walk-in customers‚.

This includes on the dot mailing campaigns with precise group targeting, professional SEO (search engine optimisation) and SEA (search engine advertising). Because that doesn’t just take short-lived traffic to your website, but also people who are interested in precisely what you do and have to offer.