Industrial Design

stotz-design.com – means industrial design with functional precision.

As pure as it is precise – our industrial design is consistently geared to the function of the products. We strictly follow the requirements of functionality, comfort, ergonomics and sustainability in their design. With maximum precision and maximum clarity. Formally sophisticated our design underlines the meaning of things, reveals their core.

The result are well thought-out products that are self-explanatory. Comprehensible, user-friendly, uncomplicated. Products that make life easy for the people who work with them. Especially with technically ambitous products, simplicity is an enormous benefit – for the users and for you as a company.

'Design' stems from 'designare': 'to designate'. To draw precisely takes talent and practice, to describe precisely takes wisdom and knowledge.

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Product Development
Product Design
3D CAD Visualization
3D Animation
3D Solid Data
3D Modelling

Customer-centric Product Development

Products that generate benefits.

Product conception is far more than a technical task. First of all, it is an analytical task: what strategies does your company pursue? Which product innovation will take you closer to your corporate vision? Looking at markets, understanding target groups, anticipating trends. For us, this is part of the job. And the beginning.

On this basis, we conceive, plan and design your product innovation. The focus is always on the consumer: by focusing on their benefit, we can optimise it.

Product Design Perfected In Form

Product design that combines form and meaning.

Products are not an end in themselves. They fulfil a function. They serve their users. Making this meaning visible, exposing it, is the goal of our product design. We do not create the meaning of a product through our design. It is already hidden in its function. We discover the meaning. We reveal it through the form we give it: simple, recognisable, concise.

Three-Dimensional CAD Visualisation

Computer-based animations that push developments forward.

360° visualisation with state-of-the-art technology: thanks to powerful, innovative visualisation techniques, you and your product engineers can experience your innovations from the very first idea and in all perspectives: 360° animation of a product design, a tour of your trade fair stand, a cross-section of your building …

We help your design department move forward with 3D renderings, proportional, functional and design models. Design solutions are revealed even before an issue has occured. We create production-relevant preliminary designs for you and ultimately provide your design department with production-ready data. The result: transparent production steps, smooth development processes, precise products.