Corporate and product design | blomus

The customer:
blomus offers functional design for modern living: sophisticated, minimalist, timeless.

The task:
Developing and establishing a visionary brand for high-quality, durable and timeless design. From naming and logo development, trade fair architecture and shop-in-shop solutions to a complete product series for kitchen and bathroom.

Our solution:
Collections that don’t age because of their use of timeless forms and materials. We gave our blomus series a linear, minimalist design idiom. Kitchen and bathroom series that outlive short-lived fashions and living trends. And our corporate design for blomus also reflects this uncluttered tone. Nothing is garish, nothing is superfluous, nothing is decorative. The image for blomus was reduced right down into the typography. Impressively clear, simple and elegant. From the logo to the shop-in-shop solution.

Our service:
corporate design, logo-Entwicklung, naming, product development, product design, 3D CAD visualization, 3D modelling, packaging, trade fair design, shop in shop

Logo and typography

Blomus Logo
Blomus Farbschema
Blomus Typografie Eurostile


Blomus Packaging

Product development | LIQUO bathroom series

Product development | PRIMO bathroom series

Product development | blomus waiter knife

produktdesign blomus kellnermesser
produktdesign blomus kellnermesser

Exhibition Design | blomus Showroom

blomus showroom
blomus showroom