Corporate design development | timeair

The customer:
The network and sensor technology company Wiesemann & Theis has developed a technology that pairs a timer and a CO2 traffic light. In a simple way, it supports those who manage or are responsible for events with fresh air management.

The task:
Develop the brand strategy, find a name for the brand, design its appearance, design an attractive and sustainable packaging, design the website including shop and clip – the market launch of the new product was in our hands from A to Z.

Our solution:
The timeair provides fresh air and fresh minds. We developed a friendly, airy design for the brand. Bright, fresh and cheerful are the colours. Light, floating, mobile, amorphous shapes. The surfaces are transparent. The design transports good air and good mood – from the naming to the packaging and stickers to the video clip.

Our service:
Brand strategy, brand design, corporate design, logo development, web design, naming, packaging, corporate publishing, PR management, motion design, animation, illustration, photography

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