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Design for healthy air: In the classroom, in the nursery, in the meeting … Wherever people are gathered in a room, there is a regular need for a breath of fresh air. Wiesemann & Theis, a company based in Wuppertal, has developed a technology that supports those responsible for fresh air management. The brand and its appearance come from us.

Complete market presence: logo, website, clip …

We developed and designed the complete programme for the market presence. From the logo to the packaging concept and the website with video clip to the name of the product: timeair. The name already reveals what makes the innovation stand out. The device determines the current CO2 level, calculates when a certain CO2 value will be reached and displays the remaining time.

Design that is fun

Health protection and air hygiene are not fun topics. To make people engage with them, we have developed a friendly, airy design. The colours are bright, fresh and cheerful. The shapes are light, floating, mobile, amorphous. Transparent the surfaces, translucent like windows. On the website, the elements move slowly across the page – as if a gentle breeze is blowing. A clip shows – light and funny – what the timeair can do. Thanks to the timeair buttons, it is always clear who is responsible for opening the window. And with the corresponding window stickers, everyone knows which windows in the room are the fresh air windows. This makes the subject of air quality fun.

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