We have to read out the text message. The message in the picture has an immediate effect.

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Tell your stories – in pictures

Images are as old as mankind. They tell stories, they explain connections, they make the invisible visible, microscopic viruses or the layers of our globe, for example. The inside of a product, the course of a process, the 360° view of a component, the properties of an article … – with the right image, all this can be seen at a glance. Visualizations are therefore a central element of communication, including corporate communication.

Product development and product description

Our 3D representation and 360° visualization bring the product geometry of your innovations to life for you and your designers, even before the first sample is produced. At stotz-design.com, we use state-of-the-art CAD technology to make your ideas visible. An indispensable step in product development.

Especially for innovative products and visionary projects, the company often does not yet have a presentation suitable for external purposes. We develop it for you. So that your customers can get an idea of what you can do and which projects they can realize with you.

B2B and B2C. Internal and external.

Visualizations by stotz-design experts open up the inner world of systems, applications and articles to the viewer. This is particularly valuable in the B2B sector, where it is a matter of depicting components in their use in or on the end product. We also develop visualizations for B2C communication that illustrate the quality, functionality or properties of products.


The right visualization for every message

3D rendering, technical drawing, photo, illustration, collage, animation … – many paths lead to an attractive (moving) image. Only the right visualization path with stotz-design.com leads to your target group: In one case, this can be a highly technical detailed drawing of a product from an unusual perspective. In another, a 3D rendering, in a third, the impression of an application example in an animated clip … We develop the visualization that fits perfectly – to your product, to your message and to your customers.

Website and Social Media

In our digital world, in the world of taps and swipes, in the world of digital bulletin boards, you need strong images to be seen.

Immediate and indispensable

A picture is worth a thousand words. True. And so is no picture: the lack of a visual message signals, for example, „We’re only targeting people who can and want to read detailed text.“ Also, „The time we gain by not using visuals is more important to us than the time our addressees gain from visuals.“ And, „We don’t value the message reaching people who speak a different language than we do.“ A company that does without images does not make a good image itself. Therefore, let images speak – too. Clear, precise, fitting.

Because visualization is not everything. But one thing it certainly is: indispensable.

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