ColorExpert_POS_German Design Arward

2017 | German Brand Award
for the appearance of COLOR EXPERT

Young. Colourful. Customer-friendly.

Do-it-yourself is the trend. DIY store customers have become younger and more colourful. For COLOR EXPERT, Ciret’s do-it-yourself brand, we have dusted off the entire appearance, rejuvenated it and made it suitable for dying.

The principle is simple.

Our principle: Simple! The do-it-yourselfers should be able to orientate themselves easily and make quick decisions: Our colour guidance system therefore guides them intuitively to the right product. We have consistently implemented this concept. From the POS to the packaging to the pictograms. And in an attractive, colourful design.

Creative sales candy.

The new design catches the eye of DIY store visitors and fits the younger target group. Original product mailings pick up on art historical styles and place product innovations directly on the desks of DIY store buyers. A colourful, sales-promoting extra treat for the sales department.

There was a lot of praise from the customer for the new look – and an award for „Industry Excellence for Branding 2017“ in the Gardening & Tools category.