Wet razor blade

The product development of the wet razor blade for Wilkinson Sword combines the demands of precision with exceptional design.

Four closely fitting titanium-coated blades with safety bar technology ensure a thorough and comfortable shave. An integrated broad skin tightener straightens the hairs before shaving and the blades cut them off particularly close to the skin. The nourishing sliding strip enriched with special care products ensures a smooth shave.

Short facts

Idea development, functional optimisation, aesthetic design, 2D sketches and renderings, 3D renderings, photorealistic presentation, 3D data sets for design models, proportional models, design models, mood charts, benchmark, product range analysis, idea finding, positioning


3D CAD design, design development, brand and trend research, 3D CAM data, visualisation, workshop, production support

Client: Wilkinson Sword GmbH
Industry: Life science/medical

Quattro wet razor plate protector / 3D construction

Quattro wet razor plate protector/with slip strip, carrier and guard bar