Nail scissors 50+

The product development of the "Haptikos" nail clippers for Solingen-based traditional forger DOVO aimed at an "experience of haptics". This is where extraordinary design meets functionality: Stotz Design received the international design award of the state of Baden-Württemberg for this with the "Focus Open in Silver" award.

This starts with the idea and sketch

The unusual shape of the clippers, made of stainless steel forged parts, creates its haptic perception. The size, contours and weight invite active feeling. Skin senses, muscle tension and playful handling open up the uniqueness of Haptikós. 

Haptikós – or the optimum balance of force 

These uniquely designed clippers unite the pleasant grip feeling with the favourable force ratio on the cutting edge. The clippers grips fit snugly on the inside of the gripping hand. The hand pressure is pleasantly distributed across the large surface thanks to the wide contact areas. The weight gives the body tangible feedback. The short joint area and the short cutting edge mean a better force ratio from hand pressure to cutting force. The material use is stainless instrument steel (1.4021), and thus sterilised and disinfected.

Short facts

Idea development, functional optimisation, aesthetic design, 2D sketches and renderings, 3D renderings, photorealistic presentation, 3D data sets for design models, proportional models, design models, mood charts, colour trends, benchmark, product range analysis, idea finding, positioning


3D CAD design, design development, brand and trend research, 3D CAM data, visualisation, workshop, production supportClient: DOVOIndustry: Life science/medical

Award: Focus Open Silver

DOVO Haptikós / nail scissors 50+ surface studies, matt and polished