Moisture measuring device

The moisture measuring device for Storch, a supplier of professional painting equipment, was developed considering ergonomics, safety and convenience.

We were involved in all phases of product development: from market analysis and design development to 3D visualisation, modelling and market monitoring. The handy moisture measuring device is intended for professional use in on-site climate measurement. It is used to determine moisture content in wood, plaster, masonry and other building materials.

Simple and precise measurement

The device is easy to operate and can be adapted to the application thanks to a membrane keyboard and a self-explanatory menu. After actuating the unlocking mechanism, the measuring needle head can be pulled out of the casing and measured in places that are difficult to access using the approx. 40 cm long spiral cord. Two separate measuring device configurations can be prepared with a standard basic casing. The basic device and the enhanced profile device with additional measuring functions and an LCD display.

Short facts

Idea development, functional optimisation, aesthetic design, 2D sketches and renderings, 3D renderings, photorealistic presentation, 3D data sets for design models, proportional models, design models, mood charts, benchmark, product range analysis, idea finding, positioning


3D CAD design, design development, brand and trend research, 3D CAM data, visualisation, workshop, production support

Client: Storch Malerwerkzeuge & Profigeräte GmbH
Industry: Professional tools

HPM 3000+ / moisture measurement in masonry

HPM 3000+ / measuring device with a digital display

HPM 3000+ / measuring device with an LED display

HPM 3000+ / 3D casing construction