Customer service centre

The customer and work area of Sterbekasse Hoffnung was redesigned considering ergonomics, safety and comfort.

Modern. Compact. Customer-friendly.

We were involved in all phases of the implementation: from the analysis and design draft to the 3D visualisation and implementation. The entrance area, the customer area and the office area were combined into one unit. The design in a modern style creates comfort and supports the company's philosophy.

Sterbekasse Hoffnung is a mutual insurance company. The benefits are used to cover not insubstantial burial costs. This sum is paid out to the relatives in the event of death.

Short facts

Idea development, functional optimisation, aesthetic design, 2D sketches and renderings, 3D renderings, photorealistic presentation, 3D data sets for design models, proportional models, design models, idea finding, positioning

3D CAD design, design development, brand and trend research, visualisation, workshop, production support.

Client: Sterbekasse Hoffnung
Industry: Interior

Customer service centre/subtle colour scheme, bright lighting, pleasant work

Customer service centre/workplace customer counter