Wide range of services. High quality.

Special design requires the right feeling for our clients' needs as well as in-depth knowledge of brands, marketing and strategy. We understand both their markets and their requirements and find appropriate designs and approaches.

Knowing how product design and development work and how a significant corporate design with goal-oriented communication is used for brand management requires experience - and specific skills in the relevant disciplines.

Our clients appreciate not only our strategic thinking with regard to the overall economic situation of their company, but also the professional use of a real full-service agency in all the areas commissioned.

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Corporate design

  • Branding
  • Logo development
  • POS
  • VPK
  • Trade fair presentation
  • Shop-in-shop
  • Brand design

Industrial design

  • Idea development
  • Functional analysis
  • Functional optimisation
  • Aesthetic design
  • Fundamental producibility

Web design

  • Idea development
  • Interface design
  • Typo3, WordPress implementation
  • Database connection
  • Trade platform incorporation
  • SEO
  • Newsletter systems

Market and trend research

  • Mood charts
  • Colour trends
  • Benchmark
  • Cooperation with market research institutes


  • 2D sketches/renderings
  • 3D renderings
  • Photorealistic presentation
  • Animation

3D CAD design

  • 3D data sets for design models
  • Package inspection
  • Mould release specification
  • Manufacturing pre-construction
  • Transfer data for construction department
  • 3D solid data
  • Proportional models
  • Design models
  • Functional models
  • Prototypes


  • Inspection and assessment of ergonomic parameters
  • Cooperation with ergonomics labs

Production support

  • Pilot production starts
  • Production starts
  • Tool developments
  • Global support